NEWS May 26, 2022

An expedition of Roca C-Levels visits Lanzadera’s facilities in Valencia for a challenge-shaking session

Representatives from our business units met at Lanzadera’s Valencia facilities for a working session to review the challenges for this year and, most difficult of all, to prioritize them.

Among our internal champions, and in a demonstration of our group’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, we had the presence of managers from the areas of Innovation, Furniture Competence Center, Digital Transformation, Talent, Corporate Operations and New Business, Commercial and Sales and our Ventures team.

The mission of the day was that everyone could know Lanzadera and its innovative initiative and way of working with start-ups and offer them pitch sessions with start-ups that may have an angle of collaboration with Roca.

The excitement and desire to work with start-ups was remarkable throughout the day and after a difficult vote the main challenges to be worked with Lanzadera this year were agreed. We hope very soon to be able to give you news of the implementation of collaboration agreements or the launching of pilots with companies in the Lanzadera environment since we are sure of the value of many of them.

Stay tuned!


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