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Roca Group Ventures, the Roca Group’s CVC & Open Innovation platform

Investing in the future

Born in 2022, Roca Group Ventures invests in innovative projects that foresee new customer needs, foster digitalization of the company and promote sustainability with a clear objective of improving the value proposition of Roca Group—a global leader in the creation of bathroom spaces.

Valuable partnerships

We define challenges internally and externally, in order to impact both customers and society as a whole. We create open innovation challenges for innovative startups that will add value to Roca Group while advancing our social and environmental mission.

What we’re looking for

Early-stage startups with global ambition, working within our areas of interest and ready to demonstrate the added-value of integrating their solutions into Roca Group’s ecosystem.

Transformational investment

Delivering value beyond economic contribution

Areas of interest

Smart homes & enhanced UX
  • New and more customizable products
  • Multigenerational bathrooms and kitchens (sensors to monitor, automate, support and provide future services)
  • Connectivity and system interconnection (IoT)
  • Health and well-being
  • Hygiene and cleanability
  • Omnichannel commerce
  • Relationship with customers and distributors/digital channels
  • Extension and improvement of product range and finishes
Sustainability & water efficiency
  • Reducing the energy consumption of our factories and facilities
  • Improving products to decrease water consumption
  • Logistics optimization and packaging improvements to reduce our carbon footprint
  • New and alternative sustainable materials and supply chains
  • Future value chains and new customer types
  • Achievement of net zero goals
Enhanced productivity
  • Smart factories and new construction methods (robotics, 3D printing, digital twins)
  • More efficient manufacturing and distribution
  • Process digitalization
  • Digital, secure and collaborative workplaces
  • Improving our team’s skills
  • Improving customer knowledge and marketing
  • Business analytics

Our investment process


We look for early-stage startups (late seed and Series A) that have a strategic fit with our business areas, allowing us to act as an involved investor that generates value beyond the economic contribution.

Presentation & Validation

Our team identifies, meets and understands startup’s product or service and validates with Roca’s internal units if there is a strategic fit with the company.

Analysis & Due Diligence

Our team analyzes the startup’s potential market, its competitors and its differential value. We validate both the value we can add as an investor and the collaboration strategy.

Negotiation & Investment

Once we’ve validated our interest, we negotiate with the founders to ensure that we can provide maximum value and assurance to all shareholders of the project’s success.

Investment tickets per startup

€0.5M to €2M

Startups to be invested in

10-15 in 3 years

Position reinforcement strategy

Follow-on strategy


Cutting-edge collaborations

Innovating through open innovation for a venture client approach


Exploring new businesses

Our open innovation and venture client approach identifies use cases which can become pilots to help validate your startup’s solution and generate new business and revenue for you and Roca Group.

Reinforcing startup knowledge

Our approach allows Roca Group and your startup to go beyond what’s possible with traditional venture capital funds, by providing the support and access your startup needs to accomplish our shared goals.

Creating win-win opportunities

Our corporate venture capital model excels in achieving the goals of both Roca Group and innovative startups creating powerful solutions. Your goal is our goal.

Investing in the best entrepreneurs

Our investments…

Aqui tu Reforma (ATR)

ATR is the leading digital platform for home refurbishments with sustainability at the core of its transformations


Brickbro is disrupting the digital commercial real estate market in cities. They deliver, enhanced data based value, to owners, investors and other stakeholders like reatilers.

We are


We believe in technology’s power to improve the human experience and society. This is what pushes us to discover and foster the innovations to create a better tomorrow.


Creating the future is a heavy task, but one we’re committed to. We organize ourselves accordingly, emphasizing flexibility and agility in order to excel in the face of any challenge.


Our culture is guided by the belief that knowledge belongs to everyone. The most productive solutions emerge from bringing together and learning from diverse experiences.


The “why” and the “how” are our obsessions. We take pride in challenging assumptions and looking at the world from a new perspective.


Failure doesn’t stop us. In fact, it’s the first step toward success. Making a global impact means taking risks, and we aren’t afraid of putting it all on the line for the betterment of our world.

Meet the team

Daniel Valverde

Head, Roca Group Ventures

Daniel Valverde

Daniel started his career in Roca in 2004. After having deployed several duties in product management, development and innovation areas, he has been managing, during the last 10 years, M&A projects of the Group in the Corporate M&A.

Previously he developed his professional career in companies like Schneider Electric and Nissan.

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering (Energy) from UPC, complemented with Imperial College Business School M&A programm, and Esade Finance Progam.

Roca group

Over 100 years of innovation






Production plants

Roca Group is a world leader in the design, production and sale of bathroom space products intended for architecture, construction and interior design.

Founded in Barcelona in 1917, Roca combines tradition and know-how with passion for innovation and respect for the environment, all in order to anticipate people’s needs and contribute to society’s well-being.

With sustainability at the root of all its activities, and with the aim of leaving a better planet to future generations, the family-owned group is a world leader in its sector.

About Roca →

Latest news

March 19, 2024

RGV’s First Investors Networking Event: A Gathering of Investors, Corporate Innovators, and Startups at the Iconic Roca Gallery during Mobile World Congress/4YFN


October 4, 2023

RGV open innovation venture with Uktena will enhance training for after sales team through Augmented Reality (AR)


July 20, 2023

RGV open innovation delivers an additive manufacturing POC powered by Triditive and Faucets Manufacturing team


July 6, 2023

RGV open innovation delivers Smart Mirror PoC for the bathroom, powered by Actimirror and Roca Group team


April 14, 2023

Roca Group and Plug and Play join forces to innovate in the bathroom ecosystem



What is the purpose of the fund?

Roca Group Ventures pursues several objectives:

  • Promoting new business models based on the use of new technologies
  • Enhancing the productivity and ensuring the sustainability of Roca Group
  • Promoting agile business in its work methodology and innovation in its market segment
Who provides capital to the fund?

The fund has an endowment of €25 million generated by Roca Group’s own activity. Roca Group is a family-owned Spanish company.

How is the fund managed?

Roca Group defines its challenges, which form the basis of Roca Group Ventures’ strategy and investment thesis. Roca Group Ventures’ team identifies investment opportunities based on these challenges. Roca Group Ventures coordinates validation of these opportunities with business units that may be impacted by subsequent collaboration. Roca Group Ventures negotiates and executes the investment and follows up with the portfolio companies. An investment committee follows the progress of each project in meeting the objectives set by Roca Group.

How is this fund different from corporate ventures launched by other companies?

Roca Group Ventures focuses solely and specifically on development and innovation with the potential to have an international impact within our areas of activity (new businesses, energy efficiency and operational excellence).

Does Roca Group Ventures take control of projects?

No. Mainly, our approach is to take minority stakes in the companies. If a project offers a core solution that may be crucial to improving the business of Roca Group, then the M&A team will evaluate if a majority stake may be suitable. However, this is not the approach of Roca Group Ventures.

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